Our History.

Back in the early 80's, the humble Sinclair Spectrum hit the market, and I was immediately hooked.  that first purchase was a 16k, 8 bit machine,  boy how things have changed. I played with this machine, pulled it apart, upgraded it, added to it eventually ending up with a machine that was unrecognisable from the little book sized computer I had bought, learnt assembly language, programming and it opened my eyes. from then on, upgraded to a BBC Micro, again built memory upgrades, added disk drives, rom chips, and finally a music synthesiser still all without a gui (Graphic User Interface), then the Mac' was there, GUI, mouse driven.

Whilst pc's were growing with a dos based word processor, "Word Perfect", and the Mac was click and go, Microsoft came up with Windows 3.0, 3.1, then Windows 95, closely followed with Word, an entirely mouse based system that revolutionised the market and whilst Macs seemed to specialise in graphics and publishing, Microsoft hit the office and then the home market.

Fast forward to today and that world seems a lot more than only a few decades ago, with the explosion of technology, not only in the computing world but also the internet has invaded every walk of life, I wonder if Sir Tim John Berners Lee OM KBE FRS FREng FRSA FBCS realised what a profound affect on the world he would have with his HTTP back in '89.

I bought my first PC back in the early 90's, a very expensive piece of kit, and immediately had to upgrade it to windows 95 (some things just never change) and the 'blue screen of death' rose its ugly head. (an amusing aside, Macs when they see a pc on a network, show it with a blue screen! in homage ?) so from day one, it became apparent that these new machines were going to have problems. Every update that has followed has had bugs, crashes and various other infuriating niggles.

So as software and hardware evolved, the need for support grew with it.

Our expertise has grown with that, from the spectrum to the modern pc or Mac, networked or standalone, we can help and maintain the kit you have in front of you.

I took up a post to maintain and grow a network at Gateways High School and turned a network that was broken and failed into a multi server system with over 300 workstations, many specialised in the various faculties. I was there over 10 years, and also completed a Microsoft MCSE. When my wife and I setup Yvonne Goodwin Wealth Management Ltd I left the school to concentrate on our company and quickly realised my skills would be very useful to other small IFA companies as we all use the similar software,  hence set up YGWMIT support.

I also, with my wife, proceeded back to University and took a degree in Financial Services culminating in a 2.1 BA(hons) in Financial Services.

So here we are today, the future is it cloud based? one can only guess, we now have the voice controlled systems ala Startrek, "Alexa, turn on the light in the kitchen"

The one thing we know for sure, the future isn't around the corner, its snapping at our heels, self driving cars, smart homes, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence is to the point a robot doctor has passed the medical exams, and proven its diagnosis skills. We here at YGWM IT Support are constantly having to re-assess base lines as they move, and as such are in a good position to help people.